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Star V12 2024

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Using all the knowledge and experience from the past twelve years. We redesigned our Taïna to make it a perfect STAR, sofisticated, durable and lighter materials are our major new input for his first version.

The STAR is a unique kite that perform extremely well in almost any environment as:


The STAR reacts very well to bar input, can be steered one-handed, and has a very precise feel allowing riders to position the kite anywhere in an instant. The kite’s excellent depower gives riders the option to surf with or without kite power. There is no need to look at the kite to know where it is allowing riders to completely focus on the wave.


This all-round beast turns sharp, jumps high, has incredible grunt, and catches well during mega-loops. Due to its great depower, sending the kite in overpowered conditions without losing your edge is easily achieved. Its power delivery is exponential giving the kite a superb vertical lift.


The STAR has incredible upwind performance and the ability to fly on all points of sail. With small wingtips, a big projected area, and only 3 struts, we have achieved the highest power to drag ratio making the STAR a top competitor for racing on water and snow.


The STAR’S performance also excels in its user-friendly characteristics. Its profile is shaped in a way that makes the kite virtually impossible to stall and re-launches effortlessly. Due to the STAR’S total depower ability; this kite is very safe and easy to use.


- New Canopy: the 3x Ripstop stop has been replaced with an ultra-rigid 4x Ripstop from Teijin to guarantee the best durability and for maximum efficiency and responsiveness

- New Dacron for leading edge and struts has been upgraded to a way lighter and stiffer version which makes a big difference in the dynamic of the kite

- New Training Edge is now Dacron free which makes the kite overall way lighter and more reactive

- New less resistance pulleys for better and fast reaction

- New Central Valve system and tubes

- New Instructions visible on the kite

- Includes kite bag, and repair kit

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