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June 11, 2014

STARKITES is proud to present the latest slammer video by Rocky Chatwell where you’ll see him scoring amazing freestyle action in CORPUS CHRISTY.

Here is what you must know, as Rocky comments about his moves and their stunning execution:

The top tricks I landed in this new vid are of the following, but let me mention that one in particular stands out from all the rest. I say this not because of the technicality of the actual trick but because of the way it is executed. Normally I would say that this is a crow 5 but notice that it is extremely inverted thus making it a toe front blind mobe 5. This is revolutionary unlike other crow 5 s that are flat spun which you would see by other top riders in the world. Thus it is a toe front blind mobe 5. Secondly is the KGB, Smobe, slim 5, front 315, double a bend to blind, powered low mobes regular and switch. As you can see when these tricks are done with the kite decently low they make a good show. Even though they are not super technical they are very difficult to land this way. I think the sport should push for a lower kite position and style over kite high and multiple rotations. In my opinion this will become more prevalent in the future of professional load and pop kiting.
Rocky Chatwell