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Fernando Schultz Playing The Waves In South Brazil

July 17, 2012

My name is Fernando Schultz and I’m from south Brazil, Florianopolis island. In this video I´ve been riding all sizes kites and models from STARKITES. My actual quiver is ARAWAKS 12,9,7 and Taïna 5.5. I really like the ARAWAKS for wave riding because they are fast and power. Since I start to kite with STARKITES every section I got more impressed with the kites. As you can see in this video sometimes no one was kiting because the wind was weak and I was there in the line up with my ARAWAK 12 looping as a 9 size kite. Thank you STARKITES for the great kites !

Starkites-Fernando-Schultz-91-300x198 (1)