Fernando Schultz, board rider, STARKITES ambassador from Brazil showing a little bit of his place, wife, son and lifestyle;  all connected to the power of the nature. Waves, sun and wind are the main ingredients of their life and of course, they choose the most powerful kite quiver to be part of it : the Arawak.

When I first met Starkites, even without riding, I knew that the Arawak was my kind of kite. After I tried it out, I was sure. For my wave riding style, the Arawak is perfect: strong, fast and simple. That’ s all you need for wave riding.” Fernando SCHULTZ

I was impressed with the Arawak from the first day. I sailed with the stability, hanging time, relaunch and the fast depower, it was amazing  I´m not a professional kitesurfer but since we started riding with Starkties every day, I am improving more and more, the kite really helps you.” Bárbara PRAZERES, Fernando´s wife.