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Stephane Schmitt

July 18, 2018

Stephane Schmitt

Last name: Schmitt
First Name: Stephane
Nickname: Steuph
Age: 22
Country and city: France

How long do you kite? Since 4-5 years during holydays and from as I can since 2 years
Riding style: Wakestyle, Fresstyle, Wave sometimes
Best results: Winner of Fise Antilles
Your Home spot: Quiberon
Hobbies and other interests: Skate, many other sports, music, editing, chilling with friends

Where is your best spot in the world? Kalpitiva In Sri Lanka
What kind of condition do you prefer? 20-25knts with a 9m kite and a sandbar
Which tricks make you dreaming? KGB 5 with grab
On which tricks are you working now? Blind Judge 5
Why are you kiting? I’m kiting because I dream of it evry nights
Why Star Kiteboarding as sponsors? First kite I bought and Starkites is a strong brand with amazing riders as Luis Alberto Cruz

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