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Simon Joosten

July 18, 2018

Simon Joosten

Name: Simon Joosten.
Age: 18 years old.
How long have you been riding for? 7 years.

Favourite riding style: Strapless wave-riding and strapless freestyle.
How did you get into the sport? I was always around the sport and on the beach since my father (Rolf Joosten) opened the first kite/windsurf school in Barbados back in the 90′s and started teaching me as soon as i was old enough to learn. I definitely owe it all to him for being the kiter i am today!

Describe your spot: I mostly ride at Silver Rock Beach where the conditions are side shore/side off wind, usually 17 – 25kts and 2 – 3m waves on the outer reef. Wind comes from the left (East). Small shorebreak waves on the inside to have fun on and moderate chop in between the reef and shorebreak to do your freestlye tricks. Perfect spot for waveriders. I also ride alot at Long Beach on off shore days which is a shorebreak wave spot that is usually pretty big.
Favourite spot: Silver Rock

Kite Schools you work with: I work with De Action Beach Culture Shop located on Silver Rock beach, teaching kite and surf lessons.
Views on the TAINA for wave-riding: The TAINA works perfectly in the waves. It is fast, responsive and also doesnt stall, which can be a huge problem with most kites. It also relaunches easily and can be used for teaching and for riders of any level. It is a good kite all-round and im more than satisfied with it!!

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