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Scott Barker

July 18, 2018

Scott Barker

Name/Nickname: Scott Barker
Nationality: American
Date of birth : November 19, 1979

Lives : Orlando, FL and Traverse City, MI

Started Kiting When: In 2005 when I was tired of being passed by kites while windsurfing. Any competition, which ones : Only with friends for fun.  Description: I grew up on Lake Michigan in Traverse City, MI and was exposed to a variety of water sports early on including wake boarding and windsurfing.  I started kiting in 2005 after I’d been out windsurfing and was getting passed by kites that were also boosting big air. I knew I needed to make the switch.  I grew up with Matt and Keegan Meyers (Broneah Kite boarding), which is based out of Traverse City, MI, so I gave them a call, got dialed in, and have been stoked ever since.  I currently live in Central Florida and spend most of my time riding waves during the winter months and then head up to Michigan during the summer for flat water.  Kite Style: free ride, waves, and flat water Top Places to Ride : Cocoa Beach, FL and East Grand Traverse Bay, MI

Favorite Moves: Charging/riding waves, boosting big air, and anything unhooked

Star kites feeling in few words: I love the design, responsiveness, and especially the aesthetics of the kites. Kite has been awesome, especially in the waves. I absolutely love how well it drifts downwind while on a wave and will just park

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