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Rafael Balbás

July 18, 2018

Rafael Balbás

Name/Nickname: Rafael Balbas
Nationality: Venezuelan, Canadian
Date of birth: December 10, 1980
Lives: Montreal, Canada
Started Kiting when: 2010

Any competition, which ones: coupe wax team 2012 (snowkite)

Description: I was born in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela and moved to Montréal, Canada in 2006.  I grew up near the ocean surfing so most would think that the Canadian climate would be difficult for me to get used to but it was quite the opposite.  In 2007 I made the transition from surfing to snowboarding and in 2010 I discovered snowkiting.  Then I traveled to Margarita Island, Venezuela to try kiting on the water, which made this sport go from a hobby to a passion.  I love the versatility of kiting; I can strap on a snowboard and kite during winter and then get on a board to kite in the water during summer.   For me, kiting gives me the opportunity to meet new people and allows me to travel around the world. Wherever there is wind you will find me.

Kite Style: Snowkite, Freeride, freestyle, waves

Top Places to Ride : Pointe Claire (Canada), l’anse a l’orme (Canada) Venise en Quebec (Canada), el Yaque beach(Venezuela) Coche (Venezuela), Varaedero (Cuba)

Favorite Moves: Sbend, back roll, handle pass, kiteloops, grabs

Starkites feeling in few words: Quality, Simplicity, Lots of power!!!


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