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Patrick Duquette

July 18, 2018

Patrick Duquette

Name/Nickname: Patrick Duquette
Nationality: Canadian 
Age : 44
Lives : Chambly, QC
Started Kiting when: 2009
Description: I always like water and snow sports water ski, wake board, surf, ski, snowboard and windsurfing for the past 26 year, when I flew my first trainer kite I know I will love this sport. Kiting combine all the sport I practice before in only one.  After 3 years I still love this sport and to be able to travel around the world to get some good wind!!!  Kiteboarding is one of the best sport on the planet by far.

Kite Style: Freeride, Snowkite, Freestyle, starting strapless
Top Places to Ride : Cuba, Cap Hatteras
Favorite Moves: backroll, grab, working on unhooked moves

Star kites feeling in few words: My Star Kite are going to get me where I want to be and more than I was expected whit the power, stability and security. My 2 favorite set-ups Arawak 9m + Edge 135 and Exa 13m + Edge 135