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Frainin Santana

July 18, 2018

Frainin Santana

Growing up in Dominican Republic Frainin had a different start to kiting than most riders. When Frainin was 13 he spent most of his days working hard on the beach for tourists. Unlike most of the local boys in Domincan he was determined to be different and he told his dad that he wanted to go to the next town over to become a kiteboarder. Despite his dads concerns, Frainin spent the next few years learning to kite board, achieving his second level IKO in the process. Unable to have his own gear he would practice with school and friends’ gear at any chance he could get.

Now 6 years later Frainin is one of the most powerful and talented riders in the DR. With so many riders in that area, he had no choice but to set himself apart from other riders by focusing on his english and education in the little time he has that isn’t spent on the water. His other hobbies in life consist of diving and hanging out at the local pool hall.


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