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Manuel Selman

June 28, 2016

Manuel Selman

Name: Manuel Selman Pascual Garcia
Date of Birth: March 14, 1989
Birthplace: Reñaca, Viña Del Mar, Chile
Current residence: Cabarete, Dominican Republic and Viña Del Mar, Chile
Height: 1.76m
Weight: 75kg
Profession: Surfer
Other Sports: Kitesurf, Skate, JiuJitsu, Snowboard
Hobbies: Doing other sports, Painting, Playing Poker and Cooking
Sponsors: Maui And Sons, Reef, Futures, Creatures Of Leisures and KineSurf
Favorite Beach: Playa Encuentro, Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Instagram & Twitter: @Manuel Selman García

Introduction to Kitesurfing

I started kitesurfing in January 2016, took me a long time to start the sport since I grew watching a lot of my friend kite for more than 15 year, but the sport has developed, the kites are amazing, and going strapless its just too much fun, its been a fast progress since, I love the feeling of going really fast on my surfboard to do a giant turn on a one foot wave or bigger, so as doing fun airs, its like consistent tow-in but funner, since I travel a lot for surfing, I already been kiting on amazing countries like Chile, Australia, Bali, Japan and the Dominican Republic.


Manuel Selman Pascual Garcia, born on March 14, 1989 in the clinic Reñaca, Vina del Mar, Chile. Son of Mairene Garcia Diaz and Mario Molina Selman. Minor of the family, has an older sister, Micaela and her older brother, Mario (Bounty). At an early age Manuel was introduced to sports, being part of the team Athletics at Patmos school and having excellent grades in sport participated for their school long jump, run and cross country, outside school, Mountain bike and Optimist (SAIL) were sports that he competed between 8 and 10 years old, but his real passion was extreme sports, skateboarding, BMX and inline skates, with great admiration to motocross and snowboarding.
His life took a different turn when in 2001 at 11 years old with his family went to live in Dominican Republic, that’s where Manuel found his true passion, Surfing, with the ability to learn with warm water and the practical conditions, three years later, at 14 years old, Manuel Selman went to Ecuador to represent Chile for the first time in a ISA World Championships, 12 years later, Manuel became the best Latin-American surfer sub 20 three consecutive years, multiple 1st place in international and national championships, 11 times selected the Chilean National Team, from those 11 times 8 times still the best place in global and pan-American. has also been the best Chilean representative in the WSL (World Surfing League) being the best in the ranking with his participation in the tour since 2011.

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