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Joshua Stephens

July 18, 2016

Joshua Stephens

At the age of 14, addicted from his first taste of true freedom that Kiteboarding brings, with determination and dedication, Josh Stephens set off on his personal quest to become a Professional kiteboarder! He quickly discovered himself working hard at his local kite shop; every cent supporting his exciting passion. His focused work ethic soon lead Josh to competing in his first Australian National Titles. Coming home ecstatic with his results, he knew his journey had only just started and there was no turning back now! Competing all through 2011 to 2015, Josh continued to prove his skills to the kiteboarders of Australia, and in turn, winning several State Titles. Just recently Josh finish 3rd big air, 1st speed, 4th freestyle, 4th marathon at Tabuhan Island Pro Indonesia 2015.

Joshua says:

« Hello and welcome to the Starkites website, my name is Joshua Stephens, I am a 19 year old Australian! I love to ride powered freestyle, insanely powered Big Air and I enjoy the freedom of strapless surf style. I don’t ride starkites because I’m being paid, I ride them for the smooth flowing feeling of controlled power which the Sirius and Taina both provide. I am based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, home of perfect flat water and endless down winders! The Sirius takes my wake style freestyle and my big air megaloop tricks to the next level! This kite provides perfect slack when in critical moments, making unhooked handle passes effortless. Big Air on this kite always leaves me with a smile! I love how the Sirius Ioops with maximum power and provides soft landings with control power. Riding at this level I tend to crash lots when learning new tricks, normally with C-kite I would spend lots of time trying to relaunch which can be a pain! But the Siruis being a bridle C-kite relaunch is super easy. If you enjoy cruising in comfort or want to take your riding to the next level, then this is the kite for you! “Time to get Sirius!” »

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