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Anouk Bellefleur

June 08, 2017

Anouk Bellefleur

Name: Anouk Bellefleur or Anhooke for friends 

Nationality: Canadian

Date of birth: May 30th, 1992

Years of Kiting: 5

Competitions: DR Open 2017 in Cabarete, placing 3rd in freestyle.Open Triple-S invitation 2017

Top places to ride: Magdalen island <3 for its perfect peace / Cabarete D.R. for its perfect mess! Description of Kite Style: I love to fly in big air sessions, push my limits
in unhooked tricks or just have a nice surf session.


Beginning in 2012, I decided to make kitesurfing not only a passion of mine
but also a lifestyle. I spent 4 months in the eastern part of Québec/Canada
in a paradise called Magdalen Island riding on a flat lagoon, with amazing
waves and crazy downwind.

I spent the rest of the year traveling, and looking for kite spots with good
conditions, beauty in nature, and good vibes!
I am really happy to finally find kite gear that fits me so perfectly, and
follows me in all of my crazy adventures. ”Sirius”ly, it’s the perfect
kite that is always where you want it to be; it’s fast, has a perfect slack
line, is amazing for big air, and it’s easy to launch- what more could I ask

Happy to join the family <3 

Peace ~ 



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