After plenty of training Luis is showing some serious talent as he moves up the ranks. Luis’s determination is clearly visible as he makes his way to the Final of the single elimination against Youri Zoon who is currently the highest ranked rider on the tour!!!


Below is a quote from a press release written by the PKRA press Secretary.

“Even though the wind was extremely gusty it allowed for an afternoon full of exciting uncensored freestyle single elimination action. In the men’s single elimination division, it was an outstanding day for the Dominican Republic boys who pushed their skills to limitless levels causing upsets in the single elimination ladder.

Luis Alberto Cruz (Starkites, DOM) was one of the riders who performed exceptionally for the large crowd of spectators on the beach. Cruz had a few tricks up his sleeve, landing a one-handed Late Mobe with his kite practically inches above the water as well as double handlepasses, an outstanding 313 with a super low kite position which enable him to eliminate his opponents such as Mario Rodwald (North, GER) in the first round as well as Andy Yates (Slingshot, AUS) in a 5/0 judge’s decision followed by Mikael Blomvall (Nobile, SWE) in the third round due to his cleaner executions, variety of tricks as well as kite position.”





During the final of the singles against Youri Zoon, Luis was overpowered on a 6 meter SBow, below is the video…

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We wish Luis the best of luck in the next heats to accompany his skills! Go Luis!!!

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