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ROCKY’s report on riding the TAINA’14 for freestyle

March 31, 2015

Ever since I got on with Star kites I have noticed 2 things that make the brand exceptional. The first element to the Star’s success as an upcoming leading brand in the industry is the quality and time that goes into these kites. I must admit that I am pretty hard on stuff, especially when it comes to my kites. Day in and day out Im out on the water trying new tricks and pushing the limits of the sport, and I have found that not only is the Star Taina one of the most versatile kites in the world but it also has helped my riding improve. The kite is very stable in the air and drives throughout the window quite nicely pulling me threw most tricks with ease. The great wind range allows me to hold down a bigger kite in stronger winds which also make tricks bigger and better! Most of the time I’m on the 14m when the wind is anywhere between 14 and 25 knots. In this video I am on a 14,12, and 10m which have served me well as you can clearly see. The second thing about Star that will ensure future success is that the star family is all about the riding and our goal is to share that same stoke with you every windy day!