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William Acosta, Pro Rider Starkites Wins The World !

March 06, 2012

William Acosta wins the world at the World Champion in snowkite category snowboard at The WISSA Ice and Snow Sailing World Championships 2012 held in February, St-Ignace, Michigan, USA.

The WISSA is the oldest best known event of its kind attracting snow riders from all hibernal country like Canada, USA, Finland, Switzerland, Russia, Estonia, Germany and others… Our CUBAN STAR, was able to come back home with the title of World Champion and a tenth position overall worldwide – class kites- all category (skis & snowboard). Bravo!

Not only, had William won the highest podium but also the love and the care of the St-Ignace’s children and population. President of the WISSA, William Tuthill was so impressed by William that commented:

«Our William was the STAR of the show! I will write this to anyone who will listen. Yes, he won the racing, but to me this is secondary. He was the best ambassador that anyone could ever want. He embraced the school children with demonstrations, and kept their rapt attention. He was a true sportsman at all times. He showed dignity and resolve at the WISSA meeting. He donated his prizes to the children of the local school- the list goes on. We love him. He is a real STAR- from Starkites! »

Local organizer of the WISSA 2012, Dan Hill mentioned:

“William is the true definition of an athlete and a champion! Being first give you the title only, being respectful and upstanding like William makes you a real Champion! Everybody loved him!”

William also won a silver medal at the Freestyle AtTraction 2012 organized this year, in one step only, by Zone Turbulence in collaboration with Claude Gravel, event that StarKites was proud to sponsor.

For sure the Star of StarKites, William Acosta, is a real champion! Star congrats William!

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