Edgeriders is the centre of the local Kite Surfing community based in Ipswich and Charlie the shop owner is regularly seen down at Felixstowe Ferry throwing some shapes!

Charlie : ”I just love the Taïna. When Paul from StarKites UK came to the shop to show me what products he had to offer I was eager to try them for myself. We went down to our local spot; the wind was a nice steady 16 to 20 knots. We took the 12 Metre out and had an absolute blast.
I’ve only had StarKites in the Shop for Two weeks and have already sold three! With two guys wanting trails. These are easily my biggest seller.”

Dan (also works at Edgeriders) : “I took out the Arawak on the same day, this kite is awesome. I just love how friendly it is and with so much POP! I got on so well with this kite that within 30mins I was happy to start un-hooking and going big!”

Happy surfing from everyone at Edgeriders.