Its was definitely not Kiterboarding spot – but we made it one!
Waves and super CRYSTAL CLEAN WATER with lots of Sea Turtles playing around!
Probably we were the very first ones to kitesurf in this spot! And we will be back as soon as “STARKITES” comes out with a news product SURF/WAVE kiterboard.
Constant and Steady 20+ knots wind! Super view, as you are riding in between 2 cliffs, definitely not for beginner level!


  • Kitesurfing in Baby Beach.

Aruba is all about white sand beaches, turquoise waters, waving palm trees, tones of cactuses and laid-back caribbean lifestyle…
Kitesurfing here is really enjoyable. Baby Beach seems like prohibited for kitesurfing as local riders stated. We were the only ones to kite there, but nobody told us a word about restrictions. All day long enjoying amazing views. Constant and steady 20 knots wind, flat waters, kickers and Waves at the same spot!


  • Kitesurfing in Boca Grandi.

Main Kiter spot for locals! Strong & Steady wind every single day! Onshore / Side onshore winds.Waves and chop beautiful blue water! Wild, wild beach with no tourists at all! Intermediate and advanced level spot. Freestyle, free-ride, wave riding, strapless. Uge kicker boosting the air!


  • Kitesurfing in Fisherman’s Hut.

Super flat & super gusty spot! Super azure & super beginner friendly! Shallow waters, windy everyday!
WE WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS SPOT FOR ADVANCED RIDERS! Great for photo shooting definitely.


Thank you very much Ugne and Rustam for these beautiful pictures.