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STAR 2016 release coming early September

August 07, 2016

To start, a must see video!

Our Legend of the Wind classic, third part where you can see the SIRIUS and TAINA 2016 in action!


SIRIUS V1 – A brand new Hybric C kite line 

The big news for STAR this year is the SIRIUS, an outstanding hybrid C kite with 3 possible connections (Hybrid-c , pure C and 5th line) with a revolutionary connection system on bridles that let you switch from one mode to the next in a few seconds.

The SIRIUS is the weapon of choice this year for Pro riders team Joselito del Rosario, Luis Alberto Cruz (DR) , Rocky Chatwell (Texas) and Joshua Stephens (Australia).



After 5 years of refinement, our best seller comes with a totally revamped, fresh, and clean new design for a brand new graphic identity which will confirm its place on the kites not to be missed (awarded by KITEWORLD).

The TAINA 14 and 17 will come with one pump this year, with Dacron strengthening on trailing edge as requested by our customers.

The TAINA 10 was completely reworked to be fully in line with the rest of the collection, this kite should be very interesting from now on !!!

Please check our press section to see what testers have to say about the TAINA impeccable construction and flying characteristics.



Coming this year with better lines quality (Teufelberger / eurocord) and an handle pass leash redesign with better components and looking really pro.


That’s a summary of the big changes for 2016, feel free to contact us if you need more details.