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News from the STAR CABARETE Kite School & Shop

July 16, 2017

A journey to our headquarters in the windy Dominican Republic

With the best wind and waves on the island, it’s no coincidence that we are going to Cabarete, a water sport Mecca on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. In the little street between the busy main road and Cabarete beach in the center of town, that’s where you’ll find Star Kiteboarding Store, STAR’s headquarters and official store.

Behind the counter of the store, only a few meters from the turquoise sea, you’ll meet the friendly smile of Adrian Perez, a local rider and Star enthusiast. He will guide you through a store that’s packed with the latest STAR products and make sure you leave equipped with top-quality gear at fair price.

In addition to all things STAR, the store does kite-repair and have a wide collection of skimboards, bodyboards, surf equipment and basically everything you need for a Caribbean vacation spent on the water!

Surf, SUP and kite lessons can be booked through Adrian, giving students the unique opportunity to learn with STAR and get some of the money back on purchase of equipment.
Kite lessons starts at 65 dollars per hour. As most instructors in Cabarete, with the IKO main office in town, our instructors are certified through the organization and lessons are available in English, Spanish and French.
And then there’s the wind…

With over 300 windy days a year, it’s no wonder Cabarete attracts watersports-fanatics from all over the world. At the peak of the windy season in the summer, extraordinary athletes, innovators and artist are joined together for the annual MaiTai event, hosted by Bill Tai and Cabarete’s own Susi Mai. (link?) We all know how last year’s event turned out with the presence of the World Kiteboarding League and its riders.

The warm tropical waters, with its variety of both flatwater and wave spots, makes Cabarete a paradise for kitesurfers. The combination of strong wind, the expertise of a local and the Star Kiteboarding Store located right next to the spot, provides the perfect setting to experience some of the best Star-sessions of your life.


Get in contact with Adrian or the Starkites Store?
Adrian Perez (+1) 809-609-6609
Starkites Store (+1) 809-571-9745
Paseo Don Chiche
Cabarete (Dominican Republic)


Meet our dominican partners

Star Kiteboarding have partners all over the world and the Dominican Republic is no exception. The north coast of this Caribbean island is famous for its strong and consistent trade winds and has several kite schools that teach with STAR.

“If you can kite in Cabarete, you can kite anywhere in the world…”
If you take the 20-minute walk down Cabarete beach towards the very end of kite beach, you’ll see many STAR-flags along the way. These two beaches are filled with kite schools and offers endless opportunities for the aspiring student.

Cabarete beach

The big main beach of Cabarete is divided between windsurfers and kiteboarders. One of the very first kite-schools that you will meet is only a few meters from the Star Kiteboarding Store and connected to the popular Hotel Villa Taina. The name of the school is a perfect coincident, where they of course teach with our Taïnas! Antonio Masala and his team makes sure you finish the course as nothing less than an independent and happy kiter.
Further down the beach, towards the newly renovated and biggest all-inclusive-hotel on the beach, Viva Wyndham Tangerine- is where you find Gigi De Biasi and the school Fun and boards! Not only do they have fun with kiteboards, but they also offer SUP lessons.

Kite beach

Ask for the green bearded rastaman close to Kite Beach Hotel, and you will end up at one of the last kite schools on the beach; Big Willy’s. Willy’s real name is Wilson Taveras and he is the first kiteboarder from this island to go pro! You should think one pro-rider is enough, but Big Willy’s also have Robinson Hilario as a part of their team, so you would literally be learning from the best if you sign up for a course at this school!

Puerto Plata

Cabarete might be the kiteboarding-capital, but Puerto Plata also offers great wind and of course; a kite school! Bibby Burgos, also known as kite legend, can be spotted doing yoga and SUP in the morning and goes kiting until the sun goes down. Not only is he a great teacher, but he’s also the king of social media and will for sure document your kite-journey and make it eternal on his popular Facebook and Instagram page.

Las Terrenas

A Star Kiteboarding school-list wouldn’t be complete without some Frenchie’s! Las Terrenas Kitesurf, also known as LT’Kite, is located in the Samana district on the north-east side of the island. These guys have in addition to strong wind, the privilege of enjoying a flat-water spot!


To book a lesson or for more information:

Villa Taina
Antonio Masala
+ 1 (829) 877- 0768

Boards and fun
Gigi De Biasi
+1 (849) 267-6365

Big Willy’s Kite School
Wilson Taveras
+1 (829) 883-6262

Puerto Plata Kitesurfing
Bibby Burgos
+1 (809) 603-5860

LT’Kite, Las Terrenas Kitesurf
+1 (809) 801-5671